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Living Wisdom Home Health Agency, LLC strives to respond to the demands for home health services and home care in the areas we cover.  Brockton, Massachusetts is our community and we want to be an active part in the health maintenance and wellness of fellow residents.

Here are the services that our agency offers:

  • Skilled Nursing Care
    The skilled nursing care program is provided to you at home by registered nurses and nursing assistants under the direction of your physician.  It covers basic to complex nursing care procedures that promote your overall health.
  • Physical Therapy
    Physical Therapists from Living Wisdom Home Health Agency will provide you with rehabilitative therapy at home.  They can teach you how to use mobility assistive equipment and administer treatment services that promote mobility.
  • Occupational Therapy
    From assessing hazards in your home to getting you back in shape for work, our occupational therapists are at your service.  Living Wisdom Home Health Agency offers the occupational therapy program for patients who are trying to regain their self-care skills as well as to those who need help adjusting to a new living or work environment.
  • Speech Therapy
    Living Wisdom Home Health Agency provides the speech therapy program to patients who have communication difficulties.  Conditions can include autism, cerebral palsy, articulation difficulties, involuntary stuttering, voice delays, stroke-affected speech and several developmental disabilities.
  • Respiratory Therapy
    The Respiratory Therapy program is ideal for patients with heart and lung problems.  Breathing is supposed to be an involuntary function of our body.  However, some health conditions may make this difficult.  Our treatment programs will help reduce shortness of breath and other respiratory problems through exercise, medication and therapeutic schemes.
  • Private Duty Care
    One-on-one care will benefit you or your loved one at home.  Recover faster, get access to professional care and best of all, you won’t have to share the medical professional assigned to you with other patients. You will get personalized direct care services from our healthcare staff.
  • Companionship
    Someone to keep you company at home can make all the difference. When you’re old or when you’re staying at home recovering from an illness, it can be depressing to go through alone.  The warmth of our staff’s company will make it all better.  Companions share meals with you, have conversations with and even engage in recreational activities such as board games, card games, arts and crafts.
  • Home Health Aide
    Home Health Aides act as supportive staff for you and your family.  They can take care of individuals who may be struggling with a disability or a chronic illness.  At times, Home Health Aides can also work under the supervision of a Skilled Nurse.
  • Homemaking
    Keep your home tidy even when you have caregiving duties to attend to.  We’ll take care of your home while you take care of your health or the health of a loved one.  Our homemakers will take charge of household chores and keeping your home organized.
  • Sitter Services
    We have sitter services offered to individual clients and families.  Professional sitters from Living Wisdom Home Health Agency can attend to personal care needs of patients from any age group. Sitters can take care of children, adults with disabilities and elderly family members.
  • Nursing Staffing Agency
    Living Wisdom Home Health Agency is also a nurse staffing provider.  We offer recruitment, selection and personnel solutions to healthcare facilities, home health care agencies and other companies in the medical community.

Please contact us for more information or set an appointment to meet with a registered nurse for an assessment.

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